If you are planning to take photography seriously, then you should invest in a good DSLR camera. A good equipment can make your learning journey more enjoyable. Here are some tips that can help you buy your first DSLR camera.


The price of DSLR cameras varies and they can be as expensive as $15,000 if you go for the higher end cameras. So, you should first decide on the budget. If you have just started photography then you should go for the entry-level cameras and those won’t be that expensive. You don’t need the sophisticated features of the high-end cameras if you are an amateur photographer. A budget of $500 to$700 will be just fine.


You should buy some accessories along with the camera. You will need extra lenses as you learn the advanced techniques of photography. You can invest in a flash, reflector, tripod, etc. You must have a good bag to carry your camera and other accessories with you. A good memory card is essential so that you can store all your beautiful photos in it.


A camera is a very sensitive equipment; you should go for the top brands. You will easily find accessories for those brands and if needed, can find the replacement parts as well. Nikon and Canon are the most popular brands. But you can go for Olympus and Sony as well.

Your objective

You should decide what type of photography you want to do. People do travel photography, sports photography, product photography, etc. There are cameras and accessories meant for the specific type of photography. So, you should choose a camera according to the type of photography you want to do.


Different cameras have unique features. You should consider these features before buying a camera. These features will affect the quality of the photograph. The sensor size is important, for example. You should buy a camera that has a large sensor. Megapixel is another feature you should consider. You should go for cameras with 7 megapixels or more in order to get sharp images. Some cameras have video recording capabilities, anti-shake or editing capabilities, etc. Cameras come in various modes like Landscape, Night or Paranoma.

You should read reviews of cameras before buying. You can read online blogs or magazines on photography to learn about the latest cameras. You should spend time understanding the various features of the camera. If necessary, you can ask a professional photographer for advice. The camera is an investment and you should take the decision to buy the best camera after doing a lot of research.