If you are a car enthusiast and planning to visit Canada, then you should visit the Canadian Auto Museum. It has the greatest collection of Canadian cars. You will be able to see the classic cars and the modern ones too. It is a great place to visit.


You will get guided tour and learn about each car. During special events like Mother’s day, there are special events. In Mother’s Day, for example, there will be a special guided tour where you will see the cars driven by remarkable women. You can take the alternative energy tour to look at the cars using alternative energy. Family days are organized often. There are activities, crafts and guided tours available for the entire family. The children can make racing goggles, take a picture with Lightning McQueen, etc. Each car has a story. In Valentines Day, cars that have a romantic story are displayed and you will be taking to a guided tour.

Know the car stories

You will learn about the Canadian automotive industry. You will know about the companies that manufactured cars in Canada. You will see cars from 1946 to the present time. You will see how the car design changed over the years. You will see the collection of European cars and American cars. Luxury cars are a big part of the Canadian automotive industry. You will see a number of luxury cars like Rolls Royce too. The library of the museum is huge and if you are an automotive researcher then this is the place where you should be.


A Canadian automotive museum is a great place for the kids and family. The huge collection of cars will astonish any child more than 5 years old. There are lots of activities available to keep you engaged throughout the day. You can take a picture with classic cars or the kid’s most favorite Lightning McQueen. Special crafts and activities going on around the year. They can learn how to make a race car craft, balloon cars, etc.

You will get guided tours and hear the amazing stories of cars from high-speed race cars to those driven by criminals or comical characters. The most fun part of the tour is taking photos with the amazing cars. The photos can be your lifetime collection.

Visiting the Canadian automotive museum is a great experience. You will love the guided tours and stories about the cars of various times. You will love the pictures of the cars you take and can show it to your friends.