Low-key photography is a technique that can bring out drama to your image. However, it’s a great challenge and even the professionals sometimes struggle with it. It’s all about the right kind of illumination. A low-key image contains darker colors and tones. They portray a specific mood and atmosphere. You will find that a low-key image is full of mystery. Shadows are usually the primary elements of low-key photography.

The automotive industry is growing and millions of dollars of cars are sold every year. The manufacturers pay a big amount of money to take the pictures of their latest model cars. For professional automotive photography, you need an expensive gear and the right locations to shoot. But many times it’s not possible to get a warehouse-sized studio for shooting. So, you need to create such environment.

Camera setting

For low-key automotive photography, you need a reflector, a good camera, tripod, and flash. You should set up the camera to ISO 100. This way you will get a good image quality. You should then adjust the aperture and speed to capture the right image. You should set the shutter speed high.


The key to low-key photography is that you shouldn’t let the light reach the background. If you don’t have the appropriate studio, then you can use two separate rooms for automotive photography. You should block off all the light in one room. The other room should be used as the light source. You should use the door to control the amount of light entering the room. You can also choose between indoors and outdoors or daylight and night. You can use the moonlight and the streetlights. Parking lots are great places too for shooting pictures of cars. You can create a black background using your shutter speed, aperture, and ISO. It means underexposing an image.


You can use Photoshop Creative Cloud. It is a very powerful tool. You should adjust the white balance, contrast, exposure, etc. You should remove reflections from your picture. You can use the ‘healing brush tool’.

You should visit ‘Flickr’ and look at the photographs of cars to get some idea. You should experiment with your photographs. You should use the right camera for your photography. You should think about the composition before taking photos. A tripod and flash are a must for automotive photography. After adjusting your camera settings and taking the photograph, it is important to edit it using the appropriate software. Learn the various features of this software so that you can give the final touches to your photographs. You should practice as much as you can to take better low-key automotive photographs.

Infographic by: Picture Correct