Photography was my passion when I was very young. My dad had a job that needed visiting various places very often. I had a small compact camera and whenever I used to travel with my dad, I used to take the camera with me. I loved taking pictures of places and different things. The passion is still there and I travel a lot just to capture interesting photographs.

In this blog, I am going to share my passion for photography with everyone. You will get to see a lot of beautiful pictures that I’ve taken over the years. I have taken some professional courses on photography, too. So, I’ll share with you my expertise in case any of you want to follow my route. You will love the great selection of pictures I have on this blog. I’ve almost displayed my entire journey of photography on this blog. I’ve also mentioned the cameras and the settings I’ve used.

Here, you will get photography tips, guides on how to buy the best camera, learn how location photography is different than the studio photography, and lots more. There is a forum where you can share your thoughts with others in the community. This way you will learn a lot about photography and others will be able to learn from you as well. You can write comments on my articles and I’ll reply to your inquiries promptly.  I hope you will like my colorful blog. Your feedback will be much appreciated.