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Month: June 2018

5 tips for buying a DSLR camera

If you are planning to take photography seriously, then you should invest in a good DSLR camera. A good equipment can make your learning journey more enjoyable. Here are some tips that can help you buy your first DSLR camera.


The price of DSLR cameras varies and they can be as expensive as $15,000 if you go for the higher end cameras. So, you should first decide on the budget. If you have just started photography then you should go for the entry-level cameras and those won’t be that expensive. You don’t need the sophisticated features of the high-end cameras if you are an amateur photographer. A budget of $500 to$700 will be just fine.


You should buy some accessories along with the camera. You will need extra lenses as you learn the advanced techniques of photography. You can invest in a flash, reflector, tripod, etc. You must have a good bag to carry your camera and other accessories with you. A good memory card is essential so that you can store all your beautiful photos in it.


A camera is a very sensitive equipment; you should go for the top brands. You will easily find accessories for those brands and if needed, can find the replacement parts as well. Nikon and Canon are the most popular brands. But you can go for Olympus and Sony as well.

Your objective

You should decide what type of photography you want to do. People do travel photography, sports photography, product photography, etc. There are cameras and accessories meant for the specific type of photography. So, you should choose a camera according to the type of photography you want to do.


Different cameras have unique features. You should consider these features before buying a camera. These features will affect the quality of the photograph. The sensor size is important, for example. You should buy a camera that has a large sensor. Megapixel is another feature you should consider. You should go for cameras with 7 megapixels or more in order to get sharp images. Some cameras have video recording capabilities, anti-shake or editing capabilities, etc. Cameras come in various modes like Landscape, Night or Paranoma.

You should read reviews of cameras before buying. You can read online blogs or magazines on photography to learn about the latest cameras. You should spend time understanding the various features of the camera. If necessary, you can ask a professional photographer for advice. The camera is an investment and you should take the decision to buy the best camera after doing a lot of research.

6 tips for choosing the right driving school

Learning how to drive properly is not only an exciting experience for a young person but also a life saving one. You need to choose the right driving school in order to be an expert driver. You will find many driving schools around the corners of streets, but all are not good. You need to do some research and use the following tips to find the right driving school.

Check for accreditation

You should first make sure that the school you choose is accredited. You can do some online research to check the certifications of the schools. You can also check if the schools have any membership with important driving or automotive associations or have a partnership with a renowned luxury car rental agency, like Apex which offers to tour Paris in an exotic vehicle.

Read reviews

You should read the reviews of different driving schools in order to choose the right one for you. By reading reviews, you will get to know the learning experience of others. It is one of the best ways to select your driving school.

The curriculum

Many driving schools will just teach the basics. But there are driving schools that will teach beyond how to turn signals, breaking, gears, etc. They will also teach how to drive in traffic or difficult roundabouts.


Driving schools can be expensive – and so can a Ferrari hire in Paris. They usually charge by the hours. You need to compare the driving schools and see which one is most cost-effective for you. You should also consider the location of the driving school and make sure that you don’t incur much travel expense just to get to your school.

Condition of cars

Check out the conditions of the cars using which they teach. The cars must be in good condition. There are schools that are meant for the specific type of cars; for example, you can get BMW driving car where they will teach you how to drive a BMW. So, a car is an important factor to consider.

Driving instructor

The driving instructor must be experienced and knowledgeable. Look at the certifications the instructor has. You can read testimonials as well from previous learners to find out about the instructor. If you are going for a specialized driving school, like the BMW driving school, then you must make sure that the driver is experienced in driving a BMW car and knows the ins and outs about the car.

When you are driving, you have a huge responsibility. You are not only responsible for your own life, but also for the life of the others who are inside your car. Going to a driving school will not only teach you driving techniques but will also tell you about the traffic rules and the recent changes in the driving laws. You will be able to get lots of practical advice from the instructors regarding real-life situations. So, choosing a good driving school is very important.

5 attractions of the Winterlude in Ottawa

If you are looking for a great winter festival, then you should head to Ottawa. The Winterlude is an annual winter festival that is held in February every year in Ottawa. This event started in 1979 and still continues today. This festival draws lots of tourists every year. It is estimated that more than a million people attend the event. Here are some of the things you can do at the festival.


The Rideau Canal Skateway is about 7.8 kilometers and it is the largest rink in the entire world. There is another smaller rink, the Canada 150 Rink, that you can try as well. So, you should practice skating before coming to the festival so that you can participate in the skating event as well.

Snowflake Kingdom

It is a snow park with snow sculptures, ice slides and other interesting and fun activities for the children. At night, the snow sculptures are illuminated and the sight is breathtaking. You can make your own snowman. You can slip and slide on the snow and have great fun!

Sculpture competition

If you want to participate in sculpture competition, you should go to the Confederation Park, also known as Crystal Garden. You can go to the ice lounge and enjoy musical concerts as well. You can watch skating show, art displays and enjoy DJ dance parties. Workshops are organized for kids. They can learn how to make ice sculpture as well.

Museum exhibits

You will be able to see special exhibits in the Ottawa museums because of this festival. You must visit the Ottawa National Gallery. Other special events are also held in various streets in the city.


You can participate in the cross-country skiing competition or watch the racers get ready for the awesome race. Thousands of spectators gather at the competition.

Besides these activities, you will enjoy the food there. You will find lots of restaurants and food stalls set up just for the event. You can simply walk around the city and enjoy the beautiful view. You will get Sno-Bus shuttle during the event, so you can easily take a ride. Most of the activities at the festival are free. So, you can participate. You can take lots of beautiful photographs and take the memory with you. Make sure you bring your best camera and other accessories with you. If you love winter activities, then you should visit Ottawa in February every year for the Winterlude festival. You will have a great time with your family.

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