Lemons and Plate - Brookstreet Hotel

Photography is about eliciting an emotion: whether it be reliving a moment, enticing the viewer to sample the menu, renting a room, or simply providing clarity for a visual record. I will also handle all your media needs from photography, to design to printing.


About Hagen

My passion is cars, racing and photography.

My goal is to leave you with a lasting photographic record of the essence of your passion.


Automotive Photography

Whether it be the scream of a high-revving Ferrari V8, the thunder of a big-block Chevy or Ford, the burning smell of rubber, 150 or 1500 BHP, if it’s in your blood, you know.

A vehicle is not a utilitarian appliance to get from A to B. It is a passion, a reflection of yourself, your pride and your personality.

Burlington On Ice

Burlington On Ice...

While this has been a very cold winter, you can still get some very different scenes all within 24 hours. These two images were taken less than two kilometers and ...

Dodge GTS

Dodge GTS...

I love photographing cars. And I can easily spend an afternoon crafting a few images. But sometimes you do not get much time. I only had 30 minutes to complete ...